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todday marion went to have a tooth extracted that she had a root canal on 2 weeks before.  she has been tormented by the tooth.  the doctor did a root canal ona tooth that had an abscess. an abscess… you do not do surgery on anything that currently has infection unless it is life threatening like a uterus full of pus.  he did the root canal and then went on vacation.  she lived off antibiotics and pain killers for 11 days then in the end had to have the tooth extracted today.


today, she went to have the tooth removed. I got a text that said she was going to needc sedation and to call tom to come get her.  the problems is that tom cannont hear on the phone.  she knows that.  i called tom and then finally got him to go get the other phone that he can read what i am  saying.  he went to get marion.  The office called me.  I had no idea where she was.  where to go get her.  tom did.


She is at home and feeling poor pitiful marion.  she sent a text of her wither her head all wrapped up.  it must have been a bad exraction.


her beahviour is not good.  ia am really concerned that she has lost her mind oris loosing it.  she compains aboutt allher pains thengoes and cleanes someone elses house.  everyone that knows her suprerficially  loves hers.  when you get to  know her deeper, there are problems.

i cried tonight to sideny because i know she is loosing it.  i don’t know how to help her or what to do.  I don’w want a crazy sister to take care of.  looks like i may have no choice.